Smith and Company’s leadership team provides comprehensive management, operating, engineering, design and delivery capabilities across the entire precision component manufacturing process.



Robert has 40+ years experience in business leadership, manufacturing operations, engineering, and sales management within complex precision machining for multiple industries. Robert's areas of expertise are predominately in the Defense, Aerospace and Automotive industries. As the original owner of Smiths Machine, he has managed customer development, operations, supply chain accounting, and sales. In 2015, the Smith family decided to sell the business to a private equity firm, where he continued to manage purchasing, supply chain, logistics and sales until early 2021.



Dell has accumulated over 40 years of experience in manufacturing, maintenance, engineering, and quality management within electronics, automotive, and complex precision machining for multiple industries. His career started at JVC-Magnetic America in 1987, where he was involved with maintenance technologies. He joined Mercedes-Benz in 1996, where he managed the facilities engineering maintenance team. In 2008 he joined the family business, Smiths Machine, leading quality engineering, maintenance, and IT. He continued to work after the sale to a private equity firm until early 2021.



Stryker has over 19 years of CNC machining experience. He attended the School of Automotive Machinists in Houston for manual machines and high-performance engines. In his home state of Michigan, he first worked at a high-performance cylinder head company. In 2009, he was recruited and hired by Smith and Company, LLC’s very own, Robert Smith at Smiths Machine in Tuscaloosa. He quickly became a part of the Engineering Department. After 12 years of honing his expert machine and programming skills, he joined Smith and Company, LLC in 2021 as the Lead Engineer.



Jake is a third generation of the Smith family and brings his mechanical engineering skills to Smith and Company, LLC. His years of experience in manufacturing specializing in machine maintenance, safety, and lean projects is an asset to the company. At the University of Alabama, he studied 3D design, mechanical systems, and vehicle dynamics.He honed his skills in CAD designing and prototyping, CNC machine operations and maintenance, and fabrication.